Teacher Week || Monday: 5 Fun Facts

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My husband and I have been married for 4 years this past summer.  

We are both teachers.  John has taught at the high school level and most recently the middle school level.  He is a Social Studies teacher.  Presently, he teaches a class at a local middle school as well as the Lead Teacher for the school.  He is working on his Administration Degree and will be done in Spring of 2015.

 I have been a third grade teacher for the first four years of my career at a school that required a little bit of a commute.  God had a plan in mind for me and last summer I accepted a job as a Reading Coach in a school in the town I live in.  My commute now is 15 minutes.  

What is even MORE neat, is that my sister-in-law is a PE teacher at a neighboring middle school that is actually the rival to my husbands middle school.  My brother-in-law is also a PE teacher at the sole High School in our town where every school feeds into.  So there are 4 Bush's as teachers in our little town. 

My husband and I have another side hustle besides me being a TPT Author.  We have a small business that has been around for 2 years called Antebellum Baubles.  Actually the other day on Timehop is shared when we made our first Etsy sale.  We currently sale via Etsy and we also are wholesalers and can be found in 70+ stores in the United States as well as a store in Canada.

We love Clemson Football! We try to attend any games we can.  Growing up I used to go to almost every home game.  We try to make a game or two every year.  We usually attend every bowl game too.

We love to travel.  In the past year we have traveled {or I have alone} to Nashville, Houston, Atlanta {one of our favorites to visit}, Edisto, Bahamas, Orlando, Charleston, Charlotte, and Port Canaveral to name a few.  

Our little Westie is a favorite of ours! She really is an interesting little dog! She runs the house; or she thinks she does.  I know I know - once a kid comes that will change trust me we know.  We have been warned.  She is 6 years old.  We actually adopted her when she was 2 years old.  She has severe allergy issues that we have gotten cleared up through a visit to University of Georgia, medicine, and prescription dog food.  It is all worth it to make she has a great quality of life.  

Cannot wait to read more and learn more about each of you! 

Freebie Alert {Welcome Banner}

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Enjoy your weekend! We are by relaxing and running errands!

5 for 5 Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching

New Product Alert!!!! I am on a roll with creating more items that I wish I had made sooner!!! This whole no grad school thing has freed up my evenings a lot more.  This product can be used in addition to teachers using their textbook, support documents, powerpoints, or even as a formative assessment, interactive notebook supplement, study guide; the options are endless.

I am obsessed with Kendra Scott.  Like what planet was I on before ever having these earrings??? Like they look so good on when I pull my hair back after a long day and facilitating a professional development after school today.  And I love that I got $10 off with these last week with the sale and that they are basically two for one; the front looks like this and the back is BLACK! How amazing is that???

Tomorrow marks the end of week 2 with students.  It also marks the end of working the past month.  Reading Coaches report back one week prior to teachers.  I feel like I have worked a whole 9 weeks.  

My latest Donors Choose project was funded within a couple of hours on Monday.  The resources were at my school on Wednesday.  My project consisted of laser ink and laminating sleeves.  

I am also digging the Reddit Gifts for Teachers.  I shared this from a post from a fellow blogger to my teachers about how you can be matched with people who will get you things that you request or send you something else.  A teacher in my school this week got matched up with a donor and within two days she had all the things she requested at the school today.  She asked for laminating sleeves and fun Astrobright paper and card stock.   

Happy Belated National Dog Day to Dolly via the Blog! We celebrated on Wednesday but she has to be acknowledged through this type of media.  Dolly is our 6 year old West Highland Terrier that is a very special part of our life.  She is the best thing ever and has the best personality.  She is excited terrified because we will be heading to the beach next weekend and she likes to hang out on the beach but not too much of a fan of the ocean.  

Do You Donors Choose?

DonorsChoose.org helps make it easier to help classrooms in need by anyone around the United States.  Public school teachers post classroom project requests.  I have written projects that have gotten me read aloud books, a document camera, ink, pencils, erasers, leveled books, a printer, and so much more.

I have gotten 14 projects funded over the past four years.  In the last year, I have gotten two set of leveled books from Fountas and Pinnell, a new color laser printer, professional development books, and an upcoming visit to the Ron Clark Academy.  It is super easy to use and even easier to share on Facebook with all family and friends.  

The best part is that people are always wanting to help out teachers but do not know how to.  And with Donors Choose it is a tax deductible donation that can be applied to end of the year taxes.  Its a win win for the teachers and the giver.  

Currently, the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation is matching all donations with the code JUMPSTART up to $1,000.

We Survived the First Week!!!

We Survived!!!! 

Kids reported back to school on Monday and were readier than ever for an amazing year! We have a new "sheriff" in town as our principal and a western theme to help everyone "lasso for success".

The past few weeks that I have been working, I have helped teachers get things ready, attend professional development, and be helpful to those in the office when they were short handed.  

In our school district, we have adopted the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Kits for grades K-3.  Coaches and Lead Teachers have attended trainings on this to help roll this out in a standardized way.  There are so many things being rolled out by our school district as well as the state department that time is of the essence when rolling out this professional development on the proper roll out for the F&P Kits.

Over the next few weeks, teachers will receive training totally about 4.5 hours on how to systematically roll this assessment kit out.  My school chose to knock out the first two trainings out this week.  As much as my nerves were shot and the small window of turn around time from the time I got the big picture of the training to the time to actually do it - it actually turned out great.

Each teacher got a packet of information that had coding guides and reading record forms to help them practice coding with the Fountas and Pinnell Professional Development CDs.

The second session the teachers practicing coding an actual student reading the Loose Tooth and then analyzing the record for Errors and Self Corrections.  Since the second session was during their planning time I made sure to stock up my office with snacks and even had some door prizes for the competition that was held of who knew their coding off the top of their head from Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great week! This past week was busy and I know that it will only get busier!!!