Swimming in Clemson

As I am sitting at home reflecting on this weekend, it was fun one for some and a tragedy for others.  In the state of South Carolina, a large portion was and is under water from our heavy rains and rising streams/rivers.  In North Augusta, we were very lucky to not be impacted too much from the weather.   Today, my school district was closed because of the roads and other conditions.  The school district is the geographical size of Rhode Island; so we have areas that were not affected but others that are closer to Columbia that have road closers, homes under water, etc.  

Our prayers are with all of those impacted and all of the first responders.  

Here a few pictures from our weekend in Clemson.  What a game! We had so much fun and ended up like wet rats.  Thanks to Gander Mountain for having a sale on Rain Suits - they helped us stay dry better than a poncho! 

Pictured in my Future Sister in Law, Brother, Mom, Dad, Myself, and My Husband.  

Off to make some chili for dinner tonight!

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