I just got my first Rocksbox in the mail today!!!! I have seen a lot of fellow teacher bloggers showcasing their stuff on Instagram.  Oh my goodness.  It is amazing.  It is neat because you can either purchase the items or "loan" them.  I plan on working with each of the pieces into my outfits and then deciding what I will keep.  I know I am so keeping the Kendra Scott earrings - no doubt about that.

You can get a FREE month of Rocksbox by using this code: MEGANBFF765.  Rocks box is $19/month and you get $10 to apply to your purchase.  The Kendra Scott earrings were cheaper than if I ordered them from their website or a department store and then I can apply my Shine Spend as well.  

Let me know your thoughts on Rocksbox in the comments section!  

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