Five For Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teacher this week for FiVe for FrIdAy!!!!!!

Amen its the weekend!!!!! With the week being so crazy from having two days off to due to flooding in our county, it was nice to have normalcy returning to school on Wednesday.  But with that said, it was the LONGEST week ever to be a 3 day week!

So I am a little late on this train but I love Ms. Houser's Blog.  I have been using her Peek At My Week to help me purposefully plan for my life as a coach as well as the meetings that have been going on in my building and outside of the building.

Life always works out.  When life hands you something, it will see its way through.  I am a member of the North Augusta Junior Women's League and we sponsor a Reading Readiness program for all 3, 4, and 5 year old children in local schools and childcare facilities.  Yesterday, I found out the 2,000 books we ordered for the October and January distributions came in time for last nights meeting - but it was rounding up the troops to help us get it done.  I was stressed about trying to find the 25 boxes in my car after school and I realized I can't stress about it - It will happen.  When I got there, two of our board members had picked up the books and I didn't have to even put any in my car.  The only ones that were in my car were the ones after the meeting to take back to the Chamber of Commerce Office for our local Optimist Club to pick up and distribute.  The kids are so excited to get the books. I picked out some great ones through Scholastic Literacy Partners and they truly have amazing deals on the books.

I feel like as soon as I am done heading up another thing, that God puts something in my path to tackle.  At my local church, we are working on a fundraiser for our upcoming Bolivia Medical Mission Trip next summer.  Each year our church has a run for it but it was canceled so a couple of us in our small group took this on and now are running with it.  I have been so filled and feeling full of purpose when hunting down and getting items for our raffle.  It fills my heat to know that big businesses want to give back.  I am super excited that Tieks has donated a gift card, Kendra Scott is donating something, to name a few.  

Super excited its the weekend because we have family pictures in Greenville this Saturday.  My parents will come over from Clemson and my brother and his fiancee will be in Greenville already, so John, me, and Dolly will travel up to Greenville for the day.  We are going with a gray, neutrals and mustard yellow {pop of color} theme for our family pictures.  

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

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