Behind Antebellum Baubles....

So in July of 2013, while my husband was working at a local basketball tournament - he challenged me to figure out a way to make some money to offset some of my spending habits.  I had been making a little money each month on Teachers Pay Teachers which was some good fun money.  I decided to go to my local craft store, by some beads and wire and wire cutters and dabble with wire wrap bracelets.  Well after a few tries - I decided hey I can make these for myself to "save" money.  Well, it took an amazing neighbor to say "Hey - You Should Sell These!".  This is when our Etsy store was born.  The day we got the first sale was like Christmas to my ears.  

Then fast forward to March of 2014 -- we got in contact with a gift rep for another company.  She got us in contact with stores to carry our bracelets.  Now we are carried in over 80 stores in the South and Canada and have 5 Sales Representatives that work on commission.  All of this is happening between my husband and I - two little school teachers wrapping bracelets each night and watching tv.  

Be sure to check out our Etsy Shop! This is a great gift for your friends and family for the upcoming Holidays!

You can always access our Antebellum Baubles page via our Blog in the Header.  

Happy Wednesday To All!!!!

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