Teacher Week :: Sanity Savers

Today with Blog Hoppin' everyone is linking up with their "Sanity Savers".

Last year, we got a house cleaner.  We have decided while we can afford it - we will use it.  This has made our life so much easier.  She comes twice a month and cleans our house in more ways then I ever would have done.  I hate bathrooms and changing sheets.

Each night, I make sure to place out my clothes for the next day.  This helps keep my mornings off to a better start as well as keeps me from changing my mind.  No one needs to waste time in the morning for a few more minutes of beauty sleep.

I know - I have a kid lunchbox.  Nothing cool this year.  This will probably change.  I make sure to pack the whole thing up the night before.  This year that has been nice and then I put in the fridge and bam - in the morning I just grab and go.  Last year, I was always scooting out last minute packing my bag.  Live and learn.

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  1. The only thing (and let me repeat, THE ONLY THING) I like about being required to wear the same uniform shirt as the students, is that at least it eliminates time spent choosing an outfit in the morning!

  2. These are awesome!! I love kid lunch boxes!! :) A house cleaner is a great one!