Teacher Week - Classroom Tour

 I am so excited to share my space with each of you! It isn't that pretty and it is a work in progress.  Last year I was housed in a pre-kindergarten teacher's office that was within her room.  I had to walk through her room to get to my space daily.  I loved it, but I was so far away from the teachers and it was inconvenient to have to meet with them in that space.  This year I am centrally located in the building and share my space with our Reading Interventionist.  This has been amazing since it has allowed us to collaborate more with each other.  She is housed in a closet of sorts but it is big enough to service the students that she needs to.  

This is the door in our space.  I used the letters from my recent Alphabet Pennants Bulletin Board Classroom Decoration Pack.  I printed them at 70% percent to help fit the needs of our door.  This helps jazz up our lonely door!!!

Once you enter our space you see my desk area, a kidney bean table for meetings, a smart board, cabinets, filing cabinet as well as a table to place resources on.  The Welcome Pennants are from a recent Freebie that I created.  

Since teachers will be meeting with me in this space, I decided I wanted to fill the room with positive quotes to help us through trying times.  This year is going to tough; I am not going to lie.  It will be a growing year for teachers and I want to help support them in anyway that I can.  Filling the room with positive quotes has already put smiles on their faces when in passing they can see them from the hallway as well.  The quotes that are by the smart board are from Hope King's Desire to Inspire Subway Art.

I decided to post the other quotes that I purchased from Michelle Oake's Bright Subway Art and Pretty Prints for the Classroom to help us remain positive when it comes to Literacy.  Since I am the Reading Coach, teachers will have data team meetings as well as professional learning community meetings to name a few in my space.  

The area behind my kidney bean table is a work in progress.  Currently there is a Consenagram that was created from a Fountas and Pinnell Training as well as our parking lots for professional development.  I also added the quote that is from Teach Like a Pirate: “Provide an uncommon experience for your students, and they will reward you with an uncommon effort and attitude.” – Dave Burgess.  I printed the quote from Hope King's Set the Stage to Engage: A Guide to Teaching Outside the Box

 Lastly, this is an area that houses some professional learning books as well as things that I need to go through.  The boxes at the front are Fountas and Pinnell Black Lines for the LLI Kit that our teachers will use this year in First Grade.  I have yet to figure out where they will be housed {most likely with me} so now I gotta figure out what system I want in place. Some other items are storage and a random red bookshelf that doesn't belong to me but I gotta figure out what to do with it.  

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!! Hope you enjoy my space.  Hopefully I will share some updated pics once it is fully complete.  

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  1. I can imagine how challenging it must be to be a Reading Coach. Our academic coach has an office AND a room where we meet for planning. Good that you can be more centrally located this year!