Currently :: September

*Listening: To Jeopardy on TV - My husband is trying to guess all the answers.  They actually have Teachers on it tonight!!! It is a Teacher Tournament! 

*Loving: having a LONG WEEKEND this upcoming weekend.  We are traveling to Edisto Beach and taking our little pooch and unplugging for the weekend from reality!!!! I am also excited to spend time with a former assistant principal at my former school and just relax!!! Also, Clemson has their first game too this weekend!

*Thinking: Is it Bed Time Yet???? This year is tiring me out!!! I am constantly going to bed earlier and earlier and heavily depending on my DVR to get me caught up on shows.  No telling how many shows I will have to watch later than live because I will be too tired!!!!

*Wanting: I am deeply wanting Cooler Weather.  I cannot wait to wear boots and vests and scarfs.... Bring on Fall!!!

*Needing: More time in the day to get work done at work and Antebellum Baubles work done in the evening at home!!!

*3 Goals: 
  • To Become More Patient with myself, my husband, family, friends, and teachers 
  • To find more time to read.  I am currently reading Move That Bus by Ron Clark  and have decided I need to unplug more in the evenings like when I am in bed.  Instead of stalking Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest - I need to READ!
  • Fill Everyone with Positivity.  If you check out my Classroom Tour Post - you see that i am filling my space with Positivity.  This is a major goal of mine since we are going through some tough stuff between SLO's, F&P, Mastery Connect.  In addition, treating my teachers every once in a while with duty passes and treats to help feed the positivity when we are feeling down. 
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  1. I am, too, looking forward to the long weekend ahead...especially since we started school before Labor Day this year. Hope all my 2nd graders don't forget everything over the 3 days! I also had one of my goals as being positive. I got rid of my clip chart this year...trying to weed out the negativity. Good luck spreading your positive attitude!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog…

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  2. I'm so glad I am not the only one who has being patient and being positive as goals! I am also looking forward to the 3 day weekend. Can EVERY weekend be a 3 day weekend ?!?

  3. I love the Jeopardy teacher's tournament! Definitely one of my guilty pleasures. I'm also all about bed time lately too. My body needs to work on its school-year endurance!

    Paiges of Learning