New Product Alert || SC History

New product alert!!!!

This resource will help students better understand the influence of other immigrant groups on South Carolina History.  This takes this hard to grasp information and makes it more user friendly for students in third grade.  

Hope this resource will help your students better understand South Carolina History!

Have a happy Wednesday! Almost to the weekend!!!

Monday Made It

Happy Week Everyone!!!!!  

Linking up for Fourth Grade Frolics Monday Made It Link Up

As a district we have had LOTS of meetings lately.  My administrators thought it would be nice to treat our staff as well as our district PLC to a little treat.  I helped out by making our little paper on the treat - a little bit more snazzy with fun fonts and clip art.  

Our teachers in our school got a pack of cookies and a little bottle of coke! The teachers in our district level PLC with all 5th grade teachers who teach ELA got a pack of gum.  :)

Hope each of you have a great week!!!

September Pinterest Pick Three

This month I am linking up with some fun Fall Pinterest Finds that I think are neat.  I am wanting to get this one geared around all things Fall.  This weekend I need to decorate ASAP!

This would be great to create as my centerpiece to my kitchen table.  That just means I need to clean it off! This could be my motivation!
This mantle would be very way to do as long as I could find some nifty letters like that.  I like how this one is basic but yet has some fall appeal to it.  

These would be so precious on my front porch with the mums that I anticipate buying very soon.  

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Celebrating some mini-milestones between the TPT world and the Blogging World.

Help Celebrate with me by entering to win a $10 TPT Gift Certificate and an Antebellum Baubles bracelet.

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Happy Labor Day!!!!!

Hope each of you had a great Labor Day Long Weekend!!!! This is the first year of John not coaching football so we planned a trip to visit Edisto Beach, one of our favorite beaches! We found a cute little studio condo on VRBO and it was even was pet friendly.  So our family of 3 let after school on Friday and headed down to the beach for the weekend.  
Dolly loves her tent for her to hang out on the beach.  We got this at the Christmas Tree Shops!
We celebrate the Clemson win by dinner and drinks at one of the few restaurants at Edisto, Whaley's! It is always a good time there!

I spent some of my time on the beach reading and reflecting on Move Your Bus.  This is such a great read and makes you reflect on your workplace.  
 It started to get a little nasty on the beach - but we left for an hour and came back and it was perfect weather!
Dolly enjoys time with us on the beach but not necessarily in the water.  
I am super obsessed with my YETI cup!!! It kept my drinks cold all weekend long and it was amazing to see the different types of ice i added to it and how solid it stayed put.  

We just got back from the beach and my Teachers Pay Teachers store is 20% off for the remaining portion of the day.  Stock up on your South Carolina History Resources to help teach the standards more effectively in your classroom!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

Teacher Week :: Sanity Savers

Today with Blog Hoppin' everyone is linking up with their "Sanity Savers".

Last year, we got a house cleaner.  We have decided while we can afford it - we will use it.  This has made our life so much easier.  She comes twice a month and cleans our house in more ways then I ever would have done.  I hate bathrooms and changing sheets.

Each night, I make sure to place out my clothes for the next day.  This helps keep my mornings off to a better start as well as keeps me from changing my mind.  No one needs to waste time in the morning for a few more minutes of beauty sleep.

I know - I have a kid lunchbox.  Nothing cool this year.  This will probably change.  I make sure to pack the whole thing up the night before.  This year that has been nice and then I put in the fridge and bam - in the morning I just grab and go.  Last year, I was always scooting out last minute packing my bag.  Live and learn.

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Currently :: September

*Listening: To Jeopardy on TV - My husband is trying to guess all the answers.  They actually have Teachers on it tonight!!! It is a Teacher Tournament! 

*Loving: having a LONG WEEKEND this upcoming weekend.  We are traveling to Edisto Beach and taking our little pooch and unplugging for the weekend from reality!!!! I am also excited to spend time with a former assistant principal at my former school and just relax!!! Also, Clemson has their first game too this weekend!

*Thinking: Is it Bed Time Yet???? This year is tiring me out!!! I am constantly going to bed earlier and earlier and heavily depending on my DVR to get me caught up on shows.  No telling how many shows I will have to watch later than live because I will be too tired!!!!

*Wanting: I am deeply wanting Cooler Weather.  I cannot wait to wear boots and vests and scarfs.... Bring on Fall!!!

*Needing: More time in the day to get work done at work and Antebellum Baubles work done in the evening at home!!!

*3 Goals: 
  • To Become More Patient with myself, my husband, family, friends, and teachers 
  • To find more time to read.  I am currently reading Move That Bus by Ron Clark  and have decided I need to unplug more in the evenings like when I am in bed.  Instead of stalking Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest - I need to READ!
  • Fill Everyone with Positivity.  If you check out my Classroom Tour Post - you see that i am filling my space with Positivity.  This is a major goal of mine since we are going through some tough stuff between SLO's, F&P, Mastery Connect.  In addition, treating my teachers every once in a while with duty passes and treats to help feed the positivity when we are feeling down. 
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Teacher Week - Classroom Tour

 I am so excited to share my space with each of you! It isn't that pretty and it is a work in progress.  Last year I was housed in a pre-kindergarten teacher's office that was within her room.  I had to walk through her room to get to my space daily.  I loved it, but I was so far away from the teachers and it was inconvenient to have to meet with them in that space.  This year I am centrally located in the building and share my space with our Reading Interventionist.  This has been amazing since it has allowed us to collaborate more with each other.  She is housed in a closet of sorts but it is big enough to service the students that she needs to.  

This is the door in our space.  I used the letters from my recent Alphabet Pennants Bulletin Board Classroom Decoration Pack.  I printed them at 70% percent to help fit the needs of our door.  This helps jazz up our lonely door!!!

Once you enter our space you see my desk area, a kidney bean table for meetings, a smart board, cabinets, filing cabinet as well as a table to place resources on.  The Welcome Pennants are from a recent Freebie that I created.  

Since teachers will be meeting with me in this space, I decided I wanted to fill the room with positive quotes to help us through trying times.  This year is going to tough; I am not going to lie.  It will be a growing year for teachers and I want to help support them in anyway that I can.  Filling the room with positive quotes has already put smiles on their faces when in passing they can see them from the hallway as well.  The quotes that are by the smart board are from Hope King's Desire to Inspire Subway Art.

I decided to post the other quotes that I purchased from Michelle Oake's Bright Subway Art and Pretty Prints for the Classroom to help us remain positive when it comes to Literacy.  Since I am the Reading Coach, teachers will have data team meetings as well as professional learning community meetings to name a few in my space.  

The area behind my kidney bean table is a work in progress.  Currently there is a Consenagram that was created from a Fountas and Pinnell Training as well as our parking lots for professional development.  I also added the quote that is from Teach Like a Pirate: “Provide an uncommon experience for your students, and they will reward you with an uncommon effort and attitude.” – Dave Burgess.  I printed the quote from Hope King's Set the Stage to Engage: A Guide to Teaching Outside the Box

 Lastly, this is an area that houses some professional learning books as well as things that I need to go through.  The boxes at the front are Fountas and Pinnell Black Lines for the LLI Kit that our teachers will use this year in First Grade.  I have yet to figure out where they will be housed {most likely with me} so now I gotta figure out what system I want in place. Some other items are storage and a random red bookshelf that doesn't belong to me but I gotta figure out what to do with it.  

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!! Hope you enjoy my space.  Hopefully I will share some updated pics once it is fully complete.  

Day 2 || {Make Ahead Meals}

Today is Day 2 of the Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week Linkup!!!

Some of our favorite "go-to meals" for the week usually always start with something in the crockpot! We usually start Mondays off with a crockpot meal that can last for Tuesday as well.  I feel that it makes my week less stressful when I start the week off not "having to cook".

{all images from pinterest} 

Check out some of the other go-to meals for the crockpot that I have Pinned on Pinterest.

One of our most favorite meals to plan for is Greek Chicken.  We LOVE to cook it and serve in a salad with feta and balsamic vinaigrette.

{all images from pinterest}