We Survived the First Week!!!

We Survived!!!! 

Kids reported back to school on Monday and were readier than ever for an amazing year! We have a new "sheriff" in town as our principal and a western theme to help everyone "lasso for success".

The past few weeks that I have been working, I have helped teachers get things ready, attend professional development, and be helpful to those in the office when they were short handed.  

In our school district, we have adopted the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Kits for grades K-3.  Coaches and Lead Teachers have attended trainings on this to help roll this out in a standardized way.  There are so many things being rolled out by our school district as well as the state department that time is of the essence when rolling out this professional development on the proper roll out for the F&P Kits.

Over the next few weeks, teachers will receive training totally about 4.5 hours on how to systematically roll this assessment kit out.  My school chose to knock out the first two trainings out this week.  As much as my nerves were shot and the small window of turn around time from the time I got the big picture of the training to the time to actually do it - it actually turned out great.

Each teacher got a packet of information that had coding guides and reading record forms to help them practice coding with the Fountas and Pinnell Professional Development CDs.

The second session the teachers practicing coding an actual student reading the Loose Tooth and then analyzing the record for Errors and Self Corrections.  Since the second session was during their planning time I made sure to stock up my office with snacks and even had some door prizes for the competition that was held of who knew their coding off the top of their head from Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great week! This past week was busy and I know that it will only get busier!!!

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