Teacher Week || Monday: 5 Fun Facts

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My husband and I have been married for 4 years this past summer.  

We are both teachers.  John has taught at the high school level and most recently the middle school level.  He is a Social Studies teacher.  Presently, he teaches a class at a local middle school as well as the Lead Teacher for the school.  He is working on his Administration Degree and will be done in Spring of 2015.

 I have been a third grade teacher for the first four years of my career at a school that required a little bit of a commute.  God had a plan in mind for me and last summer I accepted a job as a Reading Coach in a school in the town I live in.  My commute now is 15 minutes.  

What is even MORE neat, is that my sister-in-law is a PE teacher at a neighboring middle school that is actually the rival to my husbands middle school.  My brother-in-law is also a PE teacher at the sole High School in our town where every school feeds into.  So there are 4 Bush's as teachers in our little town. 

My husband and I have another side hustle besides me being a TPT Author.  We have a small business that has been around for 2 years called Antebellum Baubles.  Actually the other day on Timehop is shared when we made our first Etsy sale.  We currently sale via Etsy and we also are wholesalers and can be found in 70+ stores in the United States as well as a store in Canada.

We love Clemson Football! We try to attend any games we can.  Growing up I used to go to almost every home game.  We try to make a game or two every year.  We usually attend every bowl game too.

We love to travel.  In the past year we have traveled {or I have alone} to Nashville, Houston, Atlanta {one of our favorites to visit}, Edisto, Bahamas, Orlando, Charleston, Charlotte, and Port Canaveral to name a few.  

Our little Westie is a favorite of ours! She really is an interesting little dog! She runs the house; or she thinks she does.  I know I know - once a kid comes that will change trust me we know.  We have been warned.  She is 6 years old.  We actually adopted her when she was 2 years old.  She has severe allergy issues that we have gotten cleared up through a visit to University of Georgia, medicine, and prescription dog food.  It is all worth it to make she has a great quality of life.  

Cannot wait to read more and learn more about each of you! 

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  1. Your little dog is just so beautiful! It's wonderful that you were able to get a job that you love so close to home.
    Laughter and Consistency