New Product Alert!!!

New Product Alert!!! How about that??? Not even an update but a full labor of love product.  I specialize in making products that can help fellow South Carolina teachers; especially third grade which is South Carolina History.  South Carolina History is so interesting to me - if you ask my husband he will say no.  He loves loves US History. Well South Carolina History is my "thing".  I have created a Powerpoint presentation that teaches the 6 Regions of South Carolina.  This is something that can be time consuming if you only rely on the textbook.  The textbooks as well all know are full of useless information and do not really hit on the standards.  This presentation will help students further understand what are regions and the specific features of the regions in South Carolina.  My plan is to make a note taking guide as well as an interactive review activity to be added to the set.

Go ahead and snatch this baby up --- when the other features are added the price will go up up up!!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!!

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