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 Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching where you post five random things from today or this past week.  Join in on the fun by visiting Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up with everyone else!

I created precious little cards with candy for all of the teachers in the building to welcome them back!  Our theme this year is a Western Theme since we have a new principal.  Our shirts are the CUTEST - we have little badges on them that say "There is a New Sheriff in Town".  {PRECIOUS} I wanted to give them something in line with the theme so I ordered these cute candies from Amazon.

I made some cute cards to go with the candy and am offering them to you to download for free!!!

 I love my co-workers!!! It has been so nice to have them back at work this week and to see their smiling faces!!!! We just had our "Meet the Teacher" today and school starts on Monday!!!

Here are a few of us who went out to eat for food and fun at Southbound Smokehouse last week.

 Independent Reading is the heart of Reading Instruction.  We are educators have to give our students more opportunities for meaningful and purposeful reading in our classroom; as well as conferencing. Last year, a grade level did a book study on No More Independent Reading Without Support (Not This But That).  This year they are moving to doing true Independent Reading with support and purposeful conferences with their students.  We created together a labor of love of questions to use for Independent Reading.  I took a lot of google searching to come up with higher-order questions that could be used.  Enjoy this freebie for Independent Reading.  

Had a blast at the Carolina's Teacher Blogger Meetup.  Elizabeth, a co-worker Carrie and I traveled to Charleston for the day to visit and talk with all of these amazing ladies last Saturday!!!!

How amazing does it feel to NOT have graduate school work ahead of me since I finished in July! I have a busy year ahead of me with my role as the Reading Coach, but I am glad I did my Administration Degree when I did.  

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