Assess Me Linky Week 2 + Antebellum Baubles Sale!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!! It was my first week back to work and I survived! Working four ten hour days is tough! I am feeling so inspired this year with all of the love from the blogging world as well as periscope.  In addition, spending a lot of this week with my Coaching people makes for a wonderful working environment.  Also, I am super excited about working in the same school that I worked previously last year.

This week I am linking up with Rachel Lamb at the Tattoed Teacher for Week 2 of Assess Me Linky! This week is called "This or That".

A little explanation:
  • I am a jeans person - the only reason I have even liked skirts is my new obsession with maxi skirts.  
  • I used to be a silver person all growing up but since making Antebellum Baubles - I am a gold girl all the way!
  • Shopping online is so much more convenient than having to hop in the car and drive to the store and fight the crowds and all.
  • I love being busy and traveling, but something about being at home is so refreshing.
  • Who doesn't love SLEEP? As much as I love it - I can never find myself getting more of it at night - I would rather get a few more minutes in the morning.

Also, it is Tax Free Weekend in South Carolina this weekend!!!! In celebration of it being Tax Free Weekend - Antebellum Baubles is having a SaLe!!!! Save by not paying sales tax and use coupon code: TAXFREE15 to save 10% off in our store.  Essentially, you are saving 18% off with no tax and a coupon code!!!! These are a couple of things we are digging these days in the bracelet world!


Have a great weekend!!!! I am off to the Carolina Bloggers Meet Up tomorrow in Charleston tomorrow!

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