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October Flew by and now it is time for November!!!! Ultimate freakout that this year is almost over!

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This is the probably the best episode of the RHOC from the Reunions.  #girthbirksbyebye

Scarf weather is the best! But it is hard to wear them when the weather can't figure it out and it is hot in the afternoon.  Hoping for chillier weather to stay that is just crisp.

This is going to be a LONG week! The SC Flood caused us the loose a day that was deemed our Parent Teacher Conference day for makeup day.  So we had to make up the conference time last Monday after school for 3 hours and this upcoming Monday for 3 hours.  I need to make sure to pack extra snacks!!! We also have Early Release Day this week which I am presenting on Guided Reading. Literacy Centers, and Reading Intervention Groups! EK!

We are going to Clemson this Saturday for the Florida State Game.  It is going to be a good one and is a big one for Clemson to hopefully get to the ACC Championship!

I need to get started with shopping for Christmas.  End of Story.

I love making baked goods this time of year and eating others baked goods.

Hope each of you have a great week!!! I need to set aside some time to write my RCA visit blog post.  It was an amazing trip!!! Cannot wait to share!!!!


I just got my first Rocksbox in the mail today!!!! I have seen a lot of fellow teacher bloggers showcasing their stuff on Instagram.  Oh my goodness.  It is amazing.  It is neat because you can either purchase the items or "loan" them.  I plan on working with each of the pieces into my outfits and then deciding what I will keep.  I know I am so keeping the Kendra Scott earrings - no doubt about that.

You can get a FREE month of Rocksbox by using this code: MEGANBFF765.  Rocks box is $19/month and you get $10 to apply to your purchase.  The Kendra Scott earrings were cheaper than if I ordered them from their website or a department store and then I can apply my Shine Spend as well.  

Let me know your thoughts on Rocksbox in the comments section!  

Monday Markdown

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FiVe fOr FrIdAy!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!! I am Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this weeks Five for Friday!

So I have one of the bestest childhood friends ever.  We drove to Greenville Sunday to take pictures during her Mini Sessions.  She had them back to me by Tuesday.  They are amazing!!!

Dolly was so well behaved and had fun going to lunch with everyone!
Check out Lauren Miller Photography - she is amazing!!!!

I updated one of my older listings cover photos.  I feel like a real stock cover photo can really jazz up the appearance of it.  I plan to figure out more stuff to add to help students have an activity to go with their fold it - but for now I just changed the cover.

I am super excited for our Flapjacks for Bolivia at Church event coming up.  I contacted a few fellow Etsy Sellers and Cynde Kerber donated these precious Christmas Ornaments.  

We have been diving deep into SRI data.  Our coaches sat through a training on Wednesday to help us understand more about the data.  I am excited too because my teachers have been completing the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment.  I am excited to use that data to inform instruction as well as to see how the instruction will impact them as readers for the Winter Testing Window.  

This time next week I will be heading back from the Ron Clark Academy!!! I am so grateful for Donors Choose and all the people who donated to make it happen!  

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! Enjoy it and Go Tigers!

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Five For Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teacher this week for FiVe for FrIdAy!!!!!!

Amen its the weekend!!!!! With the week being so crazy from having two days off to due to flooding in our county, it was nice to have normalcy returning to school on Wednesday.  But with that said, it was the LONGEST week ever to be a 3 day week!

So I am a little late on this train but I love Ms. Houser's Blog.  I have been using her Peek At My Week to help me purposefully plan for my life as a coach as well as the meetings that have been going on in my building and outside of the building.

Life always works out.  When life hands you something, it will see its way through.  I am a member of the North Augusta Junior Women's League and we sponsor a Reading Readiness program for all 3, 4, and 5 year old children in local schools and childcare facilities.  Yesterday, I found out the 2,000 books we ordered for the October and January distributions came in time for last nights meeting - but it was rounding up the troops to help us get it done.  I was stressed about trying to find the 25 boxes in my car after school and I realized I can't stress about it - It will happen.  When I got there, two of our board members had picked up the books and I didn't have to even put any in my car.  The only ones that were in my car were the ones after the meeting to take back to the Chamber of Commerce Office for our local Optimist Club to pick up and distribute.  The kids are so excited to get the books. I picked out some great ones through Scholastic Literacy Partners and they truly have amazing deals on the books.

I feel like as soon as I am done heading up another thing, that God puts something in my path to tackle.  At my local church, we are working on a fundraiser for our upcoming Bolivia Medical Mission Trip next summer.  Each year our church has a run for it but it was canceled so a couple of us in our small group took this on and now are running with it.  I have been so filled and feeling full of purpose when hunting down and getting items for our raffle.  It fills my heat to know that big businesses want to give back.  I am super excited that Tieks has donated a gift card, Kendra Scott is donating something, to name a few.  

Super excited its the weekend because we have family pictures in Greenville this Saturday.  My parents will come over from Clemson and my brother and his fiancee will be in Greenville already, so John, me, and Dolly will travel up to Greenville for the day.  We are going with a gray, neutrals and mustard yellow {pop of color} theme for our family pictures.  

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

Behind Antebellum Baubles....

So in July of 2013, while my husband was working at a local basketball tournament - he challenged me to figure out a way to make some money to offset some of my spending habits.  I had been making a little money each month on Teachers Pay Teachers which was some good fun money.  I decided to go to my local craft store, by some beads and wire and wire cutters and dabble with wire wrap bracelets.  Well after a few tries - I decided hey I can make these for myself to "save" money.  Well, it took an amazing neighbor to say "Hey - You Should Sell These!".  This is when our Etsy store was born.  The day we got the first sale was like Christmas to my ears.  

Then fast forward to March of 2014 -- we got in contact with a gift rep for another company.  She got us in contact with stores to carry our bracelets.  Now we are carried in over 80 stores in the South and Canada and have 5 Sales Representatives that work on commission.  All of this is happening between my husband and I - two little school teachers wrapping bracelets each night and watching tv.  

Be sure to check out our Etsy Shop! This is a great gift for your friends and family for the upcoming Holidays!

You can always access our Antebellum Baubles page via our Blog in the Header.  

Happy Wednesday To All!!!!

Swimming in Clemson

As I am sitting at home reflecting on this weekend, it was fun one for some and a tragedy for others.  In the state of South Carolina, a large portion was and is under water from our heavy rains and rising streams/rivers.  In North Augusta, we were very lucky to not be impacted too much from the weather.   Today, my school district was closed because of the roads and other conditions.  The school district is the geographical size of Rhode Island; so we have areas that were not affected but others that are closer to Columbia that have road closers, homes under water, etc.  

Our prayers are with all of those impacted and all of the first responders.  

Here a few pictures from our weekend in Clemson.  What a game! We had so much fun and ended up like wet rats.  Thanks to Gander Mountain for having a sale on Rain Suits - they helped us stay dry better than a poncho! 

Pictured in my Future Sister in Law, Brother, Mom, Dad, Myself, and My Husband.  

Off to make some chili for dinner tonight!

We've Got Spirit & Birthdays

As we are getting ready to swim head out to Clemson today, I figured I would share how amazing are the people I work with! Every Friday, we were school spirit shirts in order to wear Jeans; well this Friday was special - we got to wear our favorite Team Shirt.  Now, I know this isn't a stop the world and dance moment - it is why we got to do it that was special.  Our Principal and Assistant Principal's birthdays are basically back to back (one was Thursday and the other's is today).  We had a full fledge cookout on Friday with a top notch spread and our Principal did all the grilling. 

I know its just a cookout and why is it important??? This year has been hard on everyone - we have many new programs and initiatives in place that have everyone wanting to pull their hair out.  We needed this to not only remind each of us how awesome we are but to build community in our school.  

Have a great Saturday and stay dry!!!! We are heading to Clemson in a little bit to cheer on the Tigers! While you are hanging around don't forget to check out our Etsy Shop!

Go Tigers!