Hello...New Year....New Name....Sorry for the Absence

Oh well.... months later and this is my first post since FOREVER!!!!

I am still in third grade and have the best class ever.

I have been so addicted to reading my google reader that I haven't felt the need to post.

Well a little update.....

1) I got married this summer. Now I am no longer Ms. S.....but Mrs. B :)

2) Bought a house and closed on it in June (a month before the wedding)

3) Went on a MAGICAL honeymoon to Negril, Jamaica...

4) Day after arriving back from honeymoon - where was I??? Oh at school - setting up my room.

5) Teaching 3rd grade and constantly called Ms. S or Mrs. B. And yes, I do just go by teacher.

This is my first FULL year as a classroom teacher. Going through South Carolina's SAFE-T and my district's induction period. I have 23 little minds that are ready to learn.


Stay tuned for finds.....resources....