Another Weekend Flies By...

Another Weekend Flies on By While Summer inches closer & closer.

This week my students will be going on a Field Trip this Friday and I am taking a personal day on Wednesday since it is the fiance's Spring Break [gotta get some wedding stuff done & look into possibly acquiring a house???]

And next weekend I am having my FIRST Bridal Shower!!!! Bring on The Love from my friends & their gifts for my new life :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

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Spread The Word....

After about 30 minutes of Googling & a lot of trial, error, and frustration.....

I made a button :)


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Two Weeks Away From PASS testing....And All Through the Classroom....

Thats right, we are two weeks away from State Testing!!! AHHHH!!!!

Nervous as I am, since MAP testing says 1/2 my kids are going to pass.

My classroom is full of kids getting pulled for interventions left and right in addition for a while they were getting tutored, and me pulling them for small group.

Coming into a classroom mid-year has been hard. I am not going to lie.

When I came in - I about had a stroke when I found out they were "ready" to take a Math test (no they really were not), "ready" to take a SS test (again - nope), and they were going on 3 weeks with a sub since the old teacher had "retired" (ha - sidenote some kids said Ms. So-and-So has "rehired").

Being that it is my first year, I am nervous for the stress of state testing, and that my name will be next to those scores. But I truely understand at the end of the day it will not come back solely on me.

When I came in they started Winter MAP testing - so I looked at that as my clean slate - let me see what you know period.

When we got to Spring MAP testing - I saw SIGNIFICANT gains. It made me feel good - like I am doing something right!

I am looking for some advice though, my fellow Teaching-Blog-Addicts, what is the best thing for me to do with 2 weeks away?

Do I keep teaching up until the moment of it - or do I just play let's review and pull out our PASS/PACT[old test name] Review Booklets?

Just like week I had 8+ kids out for MAP Celebration with Movie & Popcorn with the Principal during my reading time - so we did alot of review over Skills and how to find the answers within the texts we were reading.

In addition, our this year the great state of SC is having PASS testing fall on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for Third Grade. No one at the Elementary Level will have a test that Tuesday. My asst. principal said in all her years teaching - thats never happened. So now I ask my TBA friends......

What Should I Do That Tuesday??????

I hope my 50+ readers will be able to give me some insight!!!!

Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!!

Egg-cellent Synonym & Antonym Hunt

Yesterday was a crazy day, but we made it through.

It started off crazy first because when we turned on the morning news slide show - We found out we were in first place for the Box Tops for Education Collection for 4th Nine Weeks!!!!

And then it was the day before Good Friday, which my school district thankfully allows us to have off! PTL!

But finally, about 15 minutes before we left to go to Specials, I informed them that we would be going on an egg hunt today. But not just any egg hunt but a Synonym & Antonym Hunt. We discussed what we knew about Synonym & Antonyms (they should know - between DOL's & Literacy Centers - they know).

I then drew sticks and assigned people to be partners. They were given a half sheet of paper & then had to number 1-23. They were told each egg was numbered so when they find for example #5, they read it, decide if it is S or A, and then right it beside the #5.

After that, we were off to the side of the building near my door. I am fortunate for this activity, that I have a little hill and grassy area right beside my room that worked out perfectly!!!!

(Something is happening with my SD card & my computer this am so the printer printed the ones I wanted and then I scanned them so it would come up)

And now I have a question, with upcoming state testing (or for those of you who already have taken yours) what do you do with your kids in the afternoon when they are burnt out?

Shape Mobiles

In my class, we have a rather hard time having students do projects outside of school. I really wanted them to do an outside activity with Shapes, when we were learning about them a while back.

They had the chance to make a Shape Mobile. I ended up counting it as extra credit for those who did it. I was very shocked. I had almost 10 kids out of my 23 who did it!

There were some requirements:

Must Have:

* 3 Quadrilaterals (with Names & describing the shape)

*3 Triangles (with Names & describing the shape)

*3 Polygons (with Names & describing the shape)

Synonym/Antonym Egg Hunt tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a crazy day.

First off it is Thri-Day (Thursday/Friday) since we have Good Friday off! Thank goodness!

Second, because once we finish our Spelling Test during our ELA window we will be going on an Synonym and Antonym Egg Hunt tomorrow.

I grabbed this idea from Third Grade Meanderings who got it from Saylor's Log.

The one thing that I did differently and will post pictures up once I do it tomorrow is that I put numbers beside the synonym/antonyms so they children can number their half sheet 1-23. Once they find the #5 egg they can write S or A beside that number.

Can't wait to share tomorrow!!!!

What kind of Easter themed/Spring themed will you be doing this week?

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Link Up: Weekly Newsletter

I always am curiuous as what other people do when they send home Newsletters or how people let their parents know what is going on that week.

So I am creating a "Link Up" for Everyone to Share!

Every Monday Morning, the children find 3 things always on their desk.

1. DOL & Math 4 Today

2. Ms. Sink's Weekly Newsletter

3. Spelling Words to Be Glued into their Agenda.

Every Newsletter I try to include EVERYTHING that we will be doing that week so Parents know when making appointments, looking at the week ahead, and etc.

I always inclue Notes from the Teacher & School News with Important Dates.

I got this template from two of my third grade friends in my school district, but have tweeked it ever since I have started teaching back in November.

Debbie Diller & Company

Off to hear about the new book: Math Workstations

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. It is pretty yucky here.

Fraction Sponge Bob

Presenting Our Fraction Sponge Bob's!!!! If you read the Fraction post, you would have seen how I thanked Lesson Plan SOS for providing this for me to purchse as it was a HIT!!!! It is actually funny because the teacher across the hall made Gallon People with his 4th graders a while back when doing measurement and has them on his walls, so it looks cute with my Fraction Sponge Bob's and His Gallon People Hanging out on the Wall. :)

Steps in a Process

One of my favorite things to do besides simply checking out Google Reader for ideas when trying to teach a certain standard.

I usually always hit up google with phrase searches.

When searching for "Steps in a Process", I stumbled upon Mrs. Thornus Third Grade Stars website. I have visited on other occasions, and it gave me a great idea for our Steps in a Process lesson.

On Monday - Wednesday, we did some different Shared Reading on Steps in a Process with our Basal Book & Tumblebooks.

On Thursday, in the students collaborative learning groups, had to write down the steps to make a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich.

After they were done writing down the steps. Groups were given another groups index cards with the steps they wrote down.

Students were randomly chosen to actually make the sandwich in front of the class, as one of their group mates read the directions to them.

It was really neat and interesting to see how many different ways you can make a PB&J.

Also, it was interesting to see how one group totally left out the PB!!!!

Out of the 4 groups that created their own Steps in a Process PB & J directions: we were 2 for 2. Two Did it From Top to Bottom Right.

And Two Did have some holes in their directions.

After each group made a sandwich, I cut the sandwiches in into fourths (make that math connection since were on fractions) and each student had a piece of the whole. :)

Happy Weekend to All! And Spring Break for any lucky to be on it! I think I need a 2nd Spring Break. But am lucky to say I only have a 4 day week next week with Good Friday to help with that!

Math Work Stations

This weekend, my school district is having one of Debbie Dillar and Associates Consultants come in and work with us on Math Work Stations

I am excited to hear what the buzz is all about with this book in addition to learning something that will aide my students' success in Math. In addition I cannot wait to come back and share my knowledge with each of you ;)

Writing: Post Cards

All before Spring Break & this week we have been working on our Civil War Writing Projects.

Today we will be writing post cards based upon a book they have read. They will draw a picture of their favorite part of the book and then write a Post Card to that character. I wanted to do it of the book Chocolate Fever (we are reading that right now) but I have 4 kids who are not with me for Reading but with me for Writing so it would not have the same purpose :(

We will be practicing writing an address as well.

This is the Post Card Template I made with Microsoft Word & will be copying on Cardstock. I think once they are done since we have limited wall space, I may hang them in our room from the ceiling :)

Primary Graffiti Giveaway!!!!

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How Easy Is That? Super!

We Teachers LOVE a Giveaway!!!!

Testrakker 2.0

Today in our Lovely Facutly Meeting hearing about all the new changes on 2011-2012, we will be using Testrakker 2.0.

I like how I do my lesson plans, but after hearing Mrs. M (principal) talk about how you can click on a standard and then it will (based upon MAP) then tell you who knows it, who doesn't, and help you group your students.

Have any of my teacher blogging friends had any experience with this?

Also, in our meeting today we talked about the adoption of the Common Core Standards. I luckily will not be implementing them next year but will be in 2012-2013.

What's everyone's thoughts about it?

**Leave Me a Comment :-)

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I hope everyone is having a happy hump day! I cannot wait to actually take some pictures in my classroom (I keep forgetting) to share what we have been doing!!!!

Thank Goodness It is Wednesday!

After a week of Spring Break, and now 17 days till South Carolina's PASS Testing....... This is what I look like.

With the kids not following routines, back talking, bothering each other, etc.

In my class I try to do as many hands on opportunities as I can, but with this particular 3rd grade bunch.....

how can i say this nicely.....


Tomorrow I am reviewing again, as we have been reading The Pinata Maker, Steps in a Process. We watched/read a Tumble Book today that dealt with Steps in a Process.

I will try to see how it will work with us writing the steps to make a PB&J in our collaborative learning groups and then trade with a group and then they will have to make it based upon what the directions say.

Say a little prayer for me that my class doesn't go in complete CHAOS.

Link Up Party: 7 of My Favorite Things

Over at Persnickety Pickles: Carings and Sharings from Second Grade she is having a linky party of 7 of you Favorite NON-TEACHING RELATED things.
1. My Soon-to-be-Husband

He keeps me sane. He deals with my quirks and unusualness at times. He is my shoulder to cry to when my day is just going no-good. He also is my best friend.

2. Ice Cream

3. Amazon

I can always find something I need, especially with having a Year-Free Trial of Amazon Prime. I always find an excuse to buy something especially since its FREE SHIPPING! :)

4. Family Time

I love just having family time anytime!

5. Ann Taylor Loft

In the past year I have an obsession with Loft. I don't know if its because I caved in an got their credit card, the everyday 15% because I am a teacher, or if its just because I love to get a deal from there.

6. Masters Time

I love spring time in Augusta! The Masters spark the beginning of Spring and the feeling in the air. Also because when the chance is given to get to go to the Augusta National to watch the golfers, eat the sandwiches, and get some new clothes. :-)

7. Kitchen Stuff

I just love Kitchen appliances, do-dads, and etc.

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