We Love Soil.

My next few posts are going to be of things that I have done over the past months, since I have time to spare since it is Spring Break. Hopefully I can keep you all up to date and gain insight at the same time with new ideas to make lessons better!

At the beginning of 2011, we did a mini-Soil Unit. We were learning about Rocks, Minerals, Soil, and Fossils. But we broke apart each of them since they can get complicated.

My first thing that I do always when lesson planning besides using my resources at school and provided in the textbook. I always check out Teachers Pay Teachers & Google.

Through Google I found some great Mailboxes resources.

I even found a great Teachers Pay Teachers Mini-Unit that I used.

After we tested, we made our own soil.

Our Soil "Recipe":

Bedrock Layer: Coco Puffs

Subsoil Layer: Pudding

Topsoil Layer: Oreo Cookies (Crumbled)

After we enjoyed our snack, we had to write about it. The students drew a picture of what their snack looked like and then labeled the layers of the soil on their picture.

In Science, we are using Science Notebooks, so we added our line of learning, and then students wrote a reflection piece on what they learned during our "making soil".

They LOVED this activity and all that we did with Soil. They actually did really well on their assessment which had me very pleased since they were used to assessments in the past being open book and not having to "learn the information"; only locate the information.


  1. LOVE this!...I'm just going through your blog posts one by one. LOL

  2. Robert Munsch's book Mud Puddle would be a fun read aloud when doing this unit.