Two Weeks Away From PASS testing....And All Through the Classroom....

Thats right, we are two weeks away from State Testing!!! AHHHH!!!!

Nervous as I am, since MAP testing says 1/2 my kids are going to pass.

My classroom is full of kids getting pulled for interventions left and right in addition for a while they were getting tutored, and me pulling them for small group.

Coming into a classroom mid-year has been hard. I am not going to lie.

When I came in - I about had a stroke when I found out they were "ready" to take a Math test (no they really were not), "ready" to take a SS test (again - nope), and they were going on 3 weeks with a sub since the old teacher had "retired" (ha - sidenote some kids said Ms. So-and-So has "rehired").

Being that it is my first year, I am nervous for the stress of state testing, and that my name will be next to those scores. But I truely understand at the end of the day it will not come back solely on me.

When I came in they started Winter MAP testing - so I looked at that as my clean slate - let me see what you know period.

When we got to Spring MAP testing - I saw SIGNIFICANT gains. It made me feel good - like I am doing something right!

I am looking for some advice though, my fellow Teaching-Blog-Addicts, what is the best thing for me to do with 2 weeks away?

Do I keep teaching up until the moment of it - or do I just play let's review and pull out our PASS/PACT[old test name] Review Booklets?

Just like week I had 8+ kids out for MAP Celebration with Movie & Popcorn with the Principal during my reading time - so we did alot of review over Skills and how to find the answers within the texts we were reading.

In addition, our this year the great state of SC is having PASS testing fall on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for Third Grade. No one at the Elementary Level will have a test that Tuesday. My asst. principal said in all her years teaching - thats never happened. So now I ask my TBA friends......

What Should I Do That Tuesday??????

I hope my 50+ readers will be able to give me some insight!!!!

Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!!


  1. Have a relaxing day with a movie and a picnic to celebrate the break in testing.

  2. I was thinking about doing center activities and just do some small group review. Making it fun rather then drilling ya know? We are also going to do some fun little games.