Thank Goodness It is Wednesday!

After a week of Spring Break, and now 17 days till South Carolina's PASS Testing....... This is what I look like.

With the kids not following routines, back talking, bothering each other, etc.

In my class I try to do as many hands on opportunities as I can, but with this particular 3rd grade bunch.....

how can i say this nicely.....


Tomorrow I am reviewing again, as we have been reading The Pinata Maker, Steps in a Process. We watched/read a Tumble Book today that dealt with Steps in a Process.

I will try to see how it will work with us writing the steps to make a PB&J in our collaborative learning groups and then trade with a group and then they will have to make it based upon what the directions say.

Say a little prayer for me that my class doesn't go in complete CHAOS.


  1. Good luck! :)

    P.S. I have been feeling the same way!

  2. We finish our state testing tomorrow! I so know how you feel. I blogged about a fun review game. It might help. It's calm and quiet, but the kids LOVE it!Here is the link.