Steps in a Process

One of my favorite things to do besides simply checking out Google Reader for ideas when trying to teach a certain standard.

I usually always hit up google with phrase searches.

When searching for "Steps in a Process", I stumbled upon Mrs. Thornus Third Grade Stars website. I have visited on other occasions, and it gave me a great idea for our Steps in a Process lesson.

On Monday - Wednesday, we did some different Shared Reading on Steps in a Process with our Basal Book & Tumblebooks.

On Thursday, in the students collaborative learning groups, had to write down the steps to make a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich.

After they were done writing down the steps. Groups were given another groups index cards with the steps they wrote down.

Students were randomly chosen to actually make the sandwich in front of the class, as one of their group mates read the directions to them.

It was really neat and interesting to see how many different ways you can make a PB&J.

Also, it was interesting to see how one group totally left out the PB!!!!

Out of the 4 groups that created their own Steps in a Process PB & J directions: we were 2 for 2. Two Did it From Top to Bottom Right.

And Two Did have some holes in their directions.

After each group made a sandwich, I cut the sandwiches in into fourths (make that math connection since were on fractions) and each student had a piece of the whole. :)

Happy Weekend to All! And Spring Break for any lucky to be on it! I think I need a 2nd Spring Break. But am lucky to say I only have a 4 day week next week with Good Friday to help with that!

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