Positive Behavior Management

In my classroom, it can get crazy...

We have our typical "move our sticks" behavior management in place to help us "check" to see where we are, and to deem at the end of the day how we were.

But to praise upon the positives in my classroom, we have "Chance Tickets."

Everyday, students have the opprotunity to earn tickets.

It can be for the best person who was walking in the hallway, to the students who completed their homework all week, to the students who on task, to the students who are doing what they are supposed to while everyone is acting a fool, and etc.

Students then write their name on the back of the ticket and put it in our Ticket Bowl.

Its actually a Fish Bowl.

(Actually Fish Bowl #2, RIP Fish Bowl #1 - Students were fighting to put the calendar together for April and knocked it over - so Thank You Amazon for my now PLASTIC fish bowl)

At the end of the week, before we are about the pack up, I draw out 5 kids names and those kids may choose a prize out of the prize bag.

I like this method because it doesn't matter what kind of week they have had. Maybe they had one bad day because of something going on and home, or just made one poor choice that week, that they won't be punished for that by not having the "chance" to pull out of the prize bag. I feel like there are one or two who have been pulled out more than others (they are my best behaved students - and it is all by chance).

I remind students each week that they have the "chance" to be drawn out at the end of the week. The more times that they get their name put into the "Chance Ticket" Bowl, the more "chances" they have at their name being pulled out.

One of my studetns the first week I was there explaining it said, "Ms. S, it's kind of like when my Nanny plays the lottery." - All I could do was smile and say yes it is. :-)

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