Meet Ms. S

This is my first attempt at a "teacher blog". I read teaching blogs religiously everday linking them up with my google reader and I always say I want to make one.

Well this is it..... hold on to your seats and I hope that I can give some insight and ideas, since I gain them from all the best bloggers out there.

First off, let me introduce myself. I am Ms. S - soon to be Mrs. B (getting married in July :-) )

I teach third grade in South Carolina and am currently within my first year teaching.

This leads into my name of my blog, The Brand New Pencil. I am like that fresh new pencil, the new kid on the block. I was hired in November to replace a teacher who left, so just like a pencil has an eraser, I feel like this year has been that year to "get my feet wet". That I cannot erase everything that was done in the past but continue to sharpen our future into a bright and successful remainder of the year. So hold on tight while you reading this blog, and be prepared to be linked up with all the best of the best bloggers.

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  1. Love how you came up with your blog name!! Very creative.