Link Up: Weekly Newsletter

I always am curiuous as what other people do when they send home Newsletters or how people let their parents know what is going on that week.

So I am creating a "Link Up" for Everyone to Share!

Every Monday Morning, the children find 3 things always on their desk.

1. DOL & Math 4 Today

2. Ms. Sink's Weekly Newsletter

3. Spelling Words to Be Glued into their Agenda.

Every Newsletter I try to include EVERYTHING that we will be doing that week so Parents know when making appointments, looking at the week ahead, and etc.

I always inclue Notes from the Teacher & School News with Important Dates.

I got this template from two of my third grade friends in my school district, but have tweeked it ever since I have started teaching back in November.


  1. I joined up!

  2. I wrote the post...but never realized until today that there was an actual place to link up! I have so much to learn!

    What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

  3. I linked up & am now following your cute blog! I can't wait to read all the ideas for newsletters! It's probably time to tweak mine a bit!
    Primary Inspired

  4. I enjoy your blog! I am now a follower!

  5. Even though the link up is closed I wrote the post and you can find it here: