Link Up Party: 7 of My Favorite Things

Over at Persnickety Pickles: Carings and Sharings from Second Grade she is having a linky party of 7 of you Favorite NON-TEACHING RELATED things.
1. My Soon-to-be-Husband

He keeps me sane. He deals with my quirks and unusualness at times. He is my shoulder to cry to when my day is just going no-good. He also is my best friend.

2. Ice Cream

3. Amazon

I can always find something I need, especially with having a Year-Free Trial of Amazon Prime. I always find an excuse to buy something especially since its FREE SHIPPING! :)

4. Family Time

I love just having family time anytime!

5. Ann Taylor Loft

In the past year I have an obsession with Loft. I don't know if its because I caved in an got their credit card, the everyday 15% because I am a teacher, or if its just because I love to get a deal from there.

6. Masters Time

I love spring time in Augusta! The Masters spark the beginning of Spring and the feeling in the air. Also because when the chance is given to get to go to the Augusta National to watch the golfers, eat the sandwiches, and get some new clothes. :-)

7. Kitchen Stuff

I just love Kitchen appliances, do-dads, and etc.


  1. congrats and best wishes on your big day!! thanks for joining in!!

  2. Ice cream is my fav food too!

  3. I love Loft, too! I can't go to the mall without sneaking a peek (you know, just in case there's a great sale going on!)