Fractions, Fractions, Fractions

We are currently working on our Fraction Unit and mastering the SC 3rd grade standard.

Our school district uses the South Carolina EnVision Math series. To help supplement this Math series, our class has read different fraction books & have done some fraction activities.

We first read Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta and talked about where we see fractions on a daily basis. This was used to help supplement our EnVision Lesson 1.

The next day we read Hershey's Fractions Book by Jerry Pallotta. With this book we used instead of REAL Hershey bars, we used a paper Hershey Bar.

Above is the Fraction Bar we used. I would recommend NOT using this one as it had more bars then we needed. This actually went more confusing for the kids than helping them. (Sidenote: This is my year to get my feet wet and rememeber to find a new way to use this book and make it a learning experience for them.)

To help with the Hershey's Fraction Book Shambles that happened, the next day before we reviewed our homework and worked more on fractions, we did Skittle Fractions. We used individual sized snack bags of Skittles and found the fraction of the different colors there were in their bags. I wanted to hit home the concept of Numerator and Denominator. I had noticed on their Math4Today assessments that some were switching this based upon their previous knowledge of fractions.

We used this worksheet to help record our data. (Sidenote: I had to add Orange to the bottom and handwrite it in since there are Orange Skittles.)

To end the our fraction week before we heading off for Spring Break, I purchased Lesson Plan SOS's Spongebob Fraction Math and the kid's LOVED it!

I actually first saw on One Extra Degree's Blog about the SpongeBob Fractions. I did not get a chance to take a picture before I left last week, since I was out on the Friday before Spring Break for a Leadership Team meeting all day to go over our School Reneewal Plan (yay!).

My Spring Break is quickly coming to an end and I must get alot done between tomorrow and the beginning of next week. Keep reading & I hope you enjoy me sharing what I have gained from other people and maybe I will finally create something of my own to share!

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