Egg-cellent Synonym & Antonym Hunt

Yesterday was a crazy day, but we made it through.

It started off crazy first because when we turned on the morning news slide show - We found out we were in first place for the Box Tops for Education Collection for 4th Nine Weeks!!!!

And then it was the day before Good Friday, which my school district thankfully allows us to have off! PTL!

But finally, about 15 minutes before we left to go to Specials, I informed them that we would be going on an egg hunt today. But not just any egg hunt but a Synonym & Antonym Hunt. We discussed what we knew about Synonym & Antonyms (they should know - between DOL's & Literacy Centers - they know).

I then drew sticks and assigned people to be partners. They were given a half sheet of paper & then had to number 1-23. They were told each egg was numbered so when they find for example #5, they read it, decide if it is S or A, and then right it beside the #5.

After that, we were off to the side of the building near my door. I am fortunate for this activity, that I have a little hill and grassy area right beside my room that worked out perfectly!!!!

(Something is happening with my SD card & my computer this am so the printer printed the ones I wanted and then I scanned them so it would come up)

And now I have a question, with upcoming state testing (or for those of you who already have taken yours) what do you do with your kids in the afternoon when they are burnt out?

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  1. In the afternoon we usually have some type of BIG art activity that they can work on individually... for example my school is partnered up with the local pound and we make posters for them about pet ownership and bite prevention. We have also done thank you cards for the local fire and police department... hopr this helps... those days are tough on all us.... AND when the TESTING is ALL done we have a rest your brain day and we come to school in our PJs and rotate classrooms for various activities... read to your teddy, make dream catchers, etc... and we end the day with a movie... hope this helps a little!!!